Pastor’s Weekly Reflection

Pastor’s Weekly Reflection

October 27 Weekly Reflection from the Pastor


Beloved of God, Sunday we will celebrate the saints who have gone before us.  Each time I preside at a service honoring someone’s life, I pray  these words. “Eternal God, you have shared with us the life of (name). Before   (name) was ours, (name) is and always will be yours. For all that (name) has given us  to make us who we are, and  for that which lives and grows in each of us, we give you thanks.”  Take a moment and read this sentence filling in the name of a saint in your life. Read it again with that person’s name and reflect on one or two memories it brings to mind.


So much of who we have become, we owe to the saints in our lives. As you think about the saints in your life, both past and present, pause and acknowledge the countless contributions they have made to your life. We do not become who we are in a vacuum. God places people and situations in our lives that shape us as persons and especially as Christians. All Saints Sunday gives us the opportunity to pause and to acknowledge the saints of the faith on whose shoulders we stand. Who are the saints in your life? I look forward to hearing your stories about those saints and the impact they had on your becoming the person you are today.


In Christ’s Shalom


Pastor Janine


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