Pastor’s Weekly Reflection November 3

Pastor’s Weekly Reflection November 3

Dearly beloved of God,

Don’t just skip over that greeting, claim it and dwell within it. God has chosen you. You are the ones God has called here to love and be loved in this place and time. On this Friday morning in the midst of our yearly bazaar, I am so grateful for all you do in Jesus’ name. I am proud to serve among you as your pastor.


Yet even amidst this busy season, God desires to move us forward. John Wesley called it moving on to perfection. As Christians, whatever we call it, we recognize, both as individuals and as the church, that God never simply leaves us where we are, content with the status quo, no matter how glorious. To live as God’s people is to continue to find multiple ways to grow in love and service.


On November 19 after worship, our District Superintendent will ask us these visioning questions below. Please spend time individually and in groups praying and thinking about how you might respond.


What if Jesus needs us to do something fresh and wonderful to love the neighbors outside this faith community? What if that something was abundantly more than we can ask or imagine? What would Jesus do with us if we were willing to say, “Here I am, send me”?

What is God calling you as a community to do next? What is the missional purpose of the congregation?


Think about the ways you currently share your faith, the calls you make, the cards you send, the lives you touch, the money you raise for mission. In what new ways will you share your faith with others this next year?


In Christ’s Shalom


Pastor Janine


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